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Veego – Plant Protein Bar

Seeking a protein bar that’s good for your body and your taste buds? You can’t go past Veego’s delicious Plant Protein Bars! 


  • All raw, all-natural protein bars
  • Contains plant-based protein
  • Gluten-free and dairy-free
  • Contains 11g of protein, 15.5g of carbs, up to 9.8g of sugar, up to 13g of fat and up to 221 calories per serving
  • Great source of fibre 


Get your protein fix in the form of a delicious plant-based, all-natural bar, thanks to Veego’s Plant Protein Bar. Containing 11g of protein per serving sourced from pea and rice protein, and a fibre-packed formula, the Veego Plant Protein Bar is gluten-free, dairy-free and all-natural…meaning you can enjoy all the deliciousness and benefits, without any of the nasties. Did we mention this incredible formula also contains 15.5g of carbs with only 9.3g to 9.8g of sugar, between 11g and 13g of fat, and only 213 to 221 calories per bar, depending on your chosen flavour! 


If you’re looking for a delicious-tasting, plant-based protein bar that’s satisfying and satiating, look no further than Veego Plant Protein Bar. Available in three flavours, you can take your pick between the creamy almond butter-based Chocolate, almond butter and shredded coconut coated Coco Choc, or the extra roasted peanut butter flavoured Peanut Butter Crunch option!


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